1. Free Recruitment

  2. Normal Recruitment

Free Recruitment:           The employing company should bear all charges: visit cost, joining air ticket, advertisement cost, medical cost, visa endorsement fees, airport tax, government tax, department of labor charges, orientation, agency recruitment fees. The costing would be determined after discussion between Dool Enterprises Ltd. and the employer abroad. We will not charge any additional amount form employee. We would pay fine to the employing company, if we were found taking extra charges from the employee.

Normal Recruitment:     The employee will have to bear all the charges. However, the employing company would provide visa free of cost. Under this category, we charge the employees for advertisement cost, visa endorsement fees, medical cost, joining air ticket, airport tax and agency recruitment fee including orientation.



The terms and conditions are based on the Foreign employment Act of Pakistan. They mainly focus for benefit and rights of the migrant workers.

  • Final interviews of the selected workers would be carried out with in 15 day after receiving the original documents such as Demand Letter and Power of Attorney.
  • Arrangement for deployment of worker would be made with in 20 days after we receive his visa copy.
  • Free replacement would be made with new worker if any worker is found unqualified for the assigned work with in 90 days after he assumes the job.
  • The company in contract should clearly mention  the salary of a worker and after work facilities mentioned under clause 5.
  • As per the Pakistan government’s directives, the employer company should offer following facilities to the workers in written contract.

..           Accommodating

..           Food allowance

..           Transportation

..           Medical facilities

..           Insurance of worker

..           8 hours per day

..           Six day a week

..           25 days a month

..           15 days leave in a year

..           Over time (O.T) if worked more than 8 hours a day

  • The contract letter should clearly state the company’s rules regarding the above.


Requirement of documents vary from country to country depending on the particular laws of a particular country. Need of documents also depends on whether the embassy of manpower importing nation is in Pakistan or not. We demand two types of documents before making a final deal for sending workers overseas. We follow the in detail government provisions to avoid unnecessary hassles to the workers.


> Demand Letter

> Power of Attorney

  1. Document for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  2. Demand Letter should be addressed to Dool Enterprises, Licence no. HRD/3851/LHR. The letter should detail the number of workers. Nature of job with required category, salary, duty hours, food and accommodation facilities, overtime transport, insurance of workers and other benefits.
  3. Power of Attorney is a kind of legal confirmation for selection of manpower on behalf of employer. This authorizes Dool enterprises Licence no. HRD/3851/LHR sending workers in a Lawful manner.
  4. Consular Letter: The employing company has to writes a letter to near by consular office authorizing the employment consultant for visa endorsement and other legal process.
  5. Visa Slip (Bank Deposit Slip) The original visa slip is required in case of Block Visa. However, the photocopies of Black Visa are acceptable in case of multiply Block visa.
  6. Company registration (C.R) one photocopy only.
  7. Employment Agreement between employer and employment consultant. The agreement must be singed by the employing company the photocopies of Block Visa are acceptable in case of multiple Block visa.

Note: The documents mentioned in 1,2 and 3 must be duly sealed and attested by the ministry of Foreign Affairs and chamber of commence.

  1. Other countries
  2. Demand Letter as mentioned in A 1 above.
  3. Power of Attorney as mentioned in A 2 above
  4. Employment Agreement as mentioned in A 6 Above.
  5. Employment Contract

Note: The documents mentioned in 1,2 must be duly sealed and attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Chamber of Commence and Pakistan Embassy.



We don’t rely on agents. This is aimed at providing neat and hassle-free service to employment seekers based on the country’s Labour Act. In the beginning, we used to mobilize our official network and regional desks for sourcing. But, we don’t have to mobilize them now. Every day, hundred of youth come to our company for overseas employment. And, some people apply through email with their bio-data and work experience. We store them on our website for future purposes.

Basically, we select manpower through trade testes and other techniques. If special manpower with specific experience is needed, we use our official network located in different districts. We also apply headhunting technique for specialized and professional manpower. Headhunting does not limit only in the domestic market but worldwide for supplying the need of highly professional manpower. We supply manpower only to those countries opened for foreign employment by the government of Pakistan.


We apply three interview techniques for the selection of short-Listed candidates.

  1. Video Conferencing: We are the first Pakistani Company to introduce the video interview technique in Pakistan for the cause of our valued clients abroad. This is for those who are too busy to come to Pakistan to interview the candidates selected in Preliminary selection. We make every arrangement for the interview between employers and the employee through video conferencing.
  2. Direct: Many employers visit Pakistan for final interview. We make all necessary preparations for interview. We call short-listed candidates for the particular day. We have fully equipped AC room and other modern facilities-computers telephones, internet and all that an telephones, internet, and all that an interviewer might need.
  3. On behalf of employer: Sometimes manpower importing agencies give full authority to manpower consultant for entire selection procedures. In such case we carry out interviews on behalf of employers abroad and make all dispatching arrangements to the employment destination.

Trade Test for Skilled Workers

Then comes trade test. We form a selection committee before making a final decision for appointment. The selection committee includes representatives form  different departments in the company and from employer if need the selection committee carries out skill tests of all killed manpower in the  concerned recommended by the concerned Discipline. Only those persons recommended by the selection committee are selected for overseas employment.


We use different techniques to know the discipline level of each and every worker so as to avoid possible risks from the workers abroad. We examine the worker’s morality, attitude, behavior and personal history. Team of our experts including psychiatrist carries out these tests

Medical Check-up

Candidates have to go through different processes after final selection. This is aimed at selecting competent, disciplined and healthy manpower desired by an employer Medical Check-up too is one important process. We recommend all short-listed candidates for medical examinations in the government-approved hospital or labs. Only medically fit candidates are eligible to sign as agreement or contract paper. We disqualify medically unfit candidates to know whether anyone is suffering epilept fit, which cannot be tested medically. If one is found suffering from the fit, we do qualify such person.

Visa Endorsement 

The visa endorsement process differs country to country

We dispatch all the documents relating the working to the company to decide its employee first. After the employing company confirms and sends the visa confirmation and copy/original visa, only then we apply in the concerned embassy or consular office for visa endorsement. Other processes move ahead after the visa is endorse by the embassy endorsement. Other processes move ahead after the visa is endorse by the embassy


Orientation for selected workers on local culture, tradition, social practices and social and religious taboos is essential. We have an inbuilt mechanism for orientation for workers before they are sent to working destinations. It is aimed to make the workers used to know the new culture of another country. They have to understand immigration and labor laws as well as rituals, social taboos, tradition and culture of particular country.

We have designed courses for the orientation based on the countries and the cultures. We teach our workers about the social practices forbidden by the laws of the land. Orientation is designed to avoid misunderstanding with the local people and for maintaining harmony between the migrant workers and the people of the particular country.

Travel Arrangement

The travel arrangement is the final procedure. After signing of the contract with the employee, we make travel arrangements. This also includes handing over all the documents-original passport air ticket, and government’s approval letter, to the employee before departure. We train them on all the traveling procedure   until thy reach their destinations. One is recommended to collect his visa from the visa counter in the concerned airport and to contact immigration authority for visa endorsement if his visa is not endorsed before


Note: We provide every worker of the Dool Enterprises a T-shirt with the logo of Dool enterprises and the employing company. This helps the receiving company to identify their workers in the concerned airport.


The Dool Enterprises as a one-stop superstore for companies looking for recruiting Pakistani workers. This provides all solutions for the need of workers in all disciplines.

We place priority on healthy, competent, honest and professional manpower while in appointment. We, through our national and international network, provide all kinds of workers that employers might demand abroad. We supply skilled, semi skilled, professional and trained manpower including general helpers.

Welcome to dool enterprises

Welcome to Dool Enterprises