The Dool Enterprises provides best solution to meet the needs of manpower exporting from Pakistan and the manpower importing countries around the globe. Our main objectives are:

  • To explore market potential with a better opportunity for Pakistani youth.
  • To find better job opportunities for skilled, semi-skilled, trained and professional Pakistan manpower.
  • To enhance manpower industry for better opportunities for Pakistan workers.
  • To provide best possible Pakistan manpower to the manpower Sourcing countries.
  • Supply of competent and disciplined youth as per the company demand.
  • Negotiate for better positions for Pakistan workers in the country importing Pakistan workforce.
  • To make the image of Pakistan workers as the most competent and honest workforce.
  • Headhunting for Professional manpower for outbound employment.


  • Dool Enterprises is committed to enhance customers’ satisfaction continually by recruiting Pakistan human resources as per the requirement of foreign employers.
  • To fully comply with the laws and acts of Ministry of Labor and Transport Management of Pakistan.
  • To provide Unskilled, Semi-skilled, Skilled, highly skilled and professional manpower required for both products oriented and service oriented jobs.
  • To actualize at least 90% of the demand received in a year.


Manpower industry has a tremendous scope in Pakistan. Its economy today is largely reliant on remittance from foreign employment. Thus, its scope and prospects are quit understandable. Pakistan manpower is best known for their honesty, hard work and dedication. The history of manpower dates back to two hundred years.

However, today the case is quite different. Pakistan is not only working in Middle East but also around the globe in different cape cities internationally. What they share in common is their honestly and hard work. Importance of industry is on the rise due to the mounting unemployment problem in Pakistan thousand of youth every year try their future in foreign employment for a better living standard. Thus, the foreign employment is also in the priority of the government policy.

The government is introduction foreign employment friendly policy for the benefit of larger portion of Pakistan youth. More then 300 thousand Pakistani enters employment market every year. This is an enormous burden for the government to manage. This has caused us urgency to identity new employment destination.

The government of Pakistan has opened about four dozen countries for foreign employment. Of them, the countries in the Middle East occupy prominent position to employ Pakistani workers.

Welcome to dool enterprises

Welcome to Dool Enterprises