Our expertise in sourcing manpower, strength in management, prompt communication and best service delivery are few components that led us to the today’s position. The Dool Enterprises has excelled in all aspect that a foreign employment consultant requires. Our performance in supply of manpower has brought us prestige within the country as well as outside.

We have a group of companies so that we do not have to hire any other company for trade test, training, air ticketing and advertising. We have our own reliable expertise for medical check ups and attitude test before we actually select anyone for foreign employment.

We supply all categories – skilled, semi – skilled, unskilled, trained and professional manpower with good orientation and acclimatization techniques. We take every responsibilities and guarantee for the welfare of the workers we supply. The satisfaction of all those concerned reflect in our achievement. At the same time, we are one of the largest income tax payer’s manpower consultants in Pakistan.

Dool Enterprises believes in quality. It has high aim of employing unemployed Pakistan youth to those concerned reflect in our achievement. At the same time, we are one of the largest income tax payer’s manpower consultants in Pakistan and now firstly registered as a Private Limited Company in the area.

Dool Enterprises believes in quality. You can find the aesthetic service blended with quality management in Dool Enterprises.


We are the first manpower company to introduce computerized data bank to simplify the process to select potential workforce. Presently, we apply both methods – computerized and manual.

All information of potential candidates is stored in the manual and computerized data bank. The data bank updates the record of job seekers on regular basis. Bio-data of every possible employee is stored in the data bank. This is aimed at finding right person for the right job as per demand of our valued customers around the world.


Our entire office is connected with each other through computer networks. This is designed to enable every staff for efficient and fast services to our clients. Our departments are well equipped with all information that a client may need any time and the information passes through customer support or Employment Opportunity Service Desk.


We have designed a website through which job seekers can apply with their detailed bio-data. We store bio-data of potential candidates under specific categories for the use of employers abroad. So that, the employers do not have to contact through other means like telephones and visit Pakistan for preliminary selection. Employers may search desired candidates after visiting our website, where they can choose potential candidates before they make the official request to us for the particular person. Only then, we make necessary arrangements for final interview and then come to the final selection.

You can find every information in our website. You can find thousands of resumes of potential candidates stored in it and there are many alternatives before making a choice.


We do not depend on any agents to source workforce. Thus, the EOS desk is especially designed for providing information and inquiries for our candidates. They can find any information from the desk on foreign employment. The department also functions as a bridge between different departments in the company regarding information that a customer might require.

Welcome to dool enterprises

Welcome to Dool Enterprises